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Lalitha Ramamoorthy, MS, RD is a US based entrepreneur who believes in living every passion and dream to its fullest. As an enterprising multifaceted woman, she is a registered dietitian with a masters in nutrition & food Science besides being a Founder, director, teacher & performer at the School of World Music & Dance. The 10-year-old non-profit organization that she runs promotes various performing art forms of India.  Lalitha has trained over 300 students through her organization in various styles of dance, and music. Perseverance, passion and the drive to achieve have led her to successfully maintain a dual profession in absolute balance. While she has integrated nutrition and healthy wellbeing to make her lifestyle, performing arts has also been an integral part of Lalitha’s career enabling her to reach greater heights.  As a registered dietitian she continues to blog, write articles, consult patients and educate performing artists about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Besides her expertise in consulting for renal nutrition, Diabetes and ethnic diets she has also given some excellent educational workshops exclusive for performing artists on health, sustenance of art and nutrition for artists. As a performer and an artist, she has staged many classical productions in music & dance both nationally and internationally and she continues to travel every year to perform in various dance festivals around the world. Being a health coach, a mentor for upcoming artists and releasing a book exclusive for performing artists on health, wellness and nutrition are some of her goals going forward.